What is the StrengthsFinder Assessment?

Too often we overlook ourselves. Knowing ourselves. Challenging ourselves. Celebrating ourselves. We couldn’t think of a better tool or investment then the StrengthsFinder. If you are interested is peeked, and you are willing to wait on buying that awesome sweater or skip your nail appointment in order to invest in YOU, consider a coaching session in Strengths: click here.

A common language is thread throughout the blog to help keep continuity. That “thread” is Strengths; specifically the Strengths found in StrengthsFinder assessment. Too often we focus on areas of struggle. Then, we try to shove ourselves in a space that just was not designed for us. This assessment is all about celebrating and knowing who you are, how to live more fully into your natural raw talent and claim your unique set of Strengths. Each woman featured not only takes the assessment, but also enjoys a coaching session that speaks directly into how their natural gifts play into the work they do impacting world.

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Everyone wants to be known. StrengthsFinder is an assessment that gives languages and data around where your Strengths lie, in order for you to better leverage your giftedness. It gives a pathway and a specificity to self-discovery. It is a tool formed by Gallup and backed with significant research, that assesses your natural lens and giftedness and calculates your top 5 areas of Strengths out of 34 potential themes. Based in positivity psychology, the philosophy behind this tool is to start asking a questions contrary to what most of society echoes. Instead of asking, “what is wrong with individuals and how can they work to better their areas of weakness in order to be more effective?”, the StrengthsFinder poses a different question. It begs the question, “what if we start with what’s right with people, and leverage the areas they are naturally gifted in order to be most effective?” This beautiful outlook is what is so inspirational about this tool. The power behind it is the amount of practicality that can be attained in better knowing and leveraging yourself as you dive into the results with a certified Strengths Coach.

Erinn Bridgman, the founder and creator of Bridging HerStory, is a certified coach, and believed so much in the power of the assessment that she build it into the structure of each women’s feature and conversation. If you are interested in learning more about the StrengthsFinder or experiencing a coaching session click here. Investing in yourself is something you will never regret.

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