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Episode 011: How to Build an Engaging and Successful Facebook Group with Becky Mollenkamp

Feb 4, 2019

Episode 011: How to Build an Engaging and Successful Facebook Group with Becky Mollenkamp

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Becky Mollenkamp is the creator of the Own it, Crush it movement. With nearly 15 years of experience as a business owner, she helps women navigate the mindset and tactical struggles of self-employment. Through her courses, exclusive membership community, and group program, Becky has mentored hundreds of women to own and crush their boss status.

Are you interested in Facebook Groups but not sure where to start or how to jump in? Are you organized and a natural leader? Are you looking to grow an engaging community on Facebook? Then this episode is for you! Jump in as Becky Shares her wisdom and experience!


  • Becky shares about her career as a writer, business owner, mother, business coach and how she moved into growing a successful Facebook Group.
  • She learned a lot from Facebook Groups and they helped shaped the way she did things, provided a support community for herself as she started a business, and gave her resources to learn from.  She jumped into launching her own Facebook Group. It was a way for her to create a community and grow her business.
  • Becky shares the best personality type for starting a Facebook Group successfully and the questions to ask before starting one.

“Anytime something feels like a “should” for you, then it’s probably not the right thing for you.”

– Offering value that you teach to people in a Facebook Group that will keep them coming back to your group and make yours unique.

  • Becky shares how her group grew successfully because she was a part of visible community, put herself out there to know people, planted the early seeds, and pre-populated her group with contacts needed to launch her group.
  • The power of writing a great Facebook Group Description, and the little things that will make people feel like they’re joining something polished. People want to feel like they are joining something professional and real.
  • The best thing Facebook did for groups: filtering questions. Becky shares how quality is far more valuable than quantity and how basic questions help grow members who will interact and be your potential ideal clients.
  • Importance of being present in the beginning stages of a Facebook Group and engaging with your audience, and how your responsibility shifts as your group grows.
  • Becky shares how to navigate the workload and the ins and outs of running a group and time commitment involved.

“If you want a really great, lively Facebook Group that has a lot of value, you have to be there.”

– Creating interesting content and prompts that are engaging and encourage interaction and how important it is especially in the beginning stages of a Facebook Group.

  • Monetizing Facebook Groups and providing valuable content that people will want to pay for. How to keep showing up and showing the value of what you offer. Creating a seamless sales funnel within your group that is inviting and natural.

– Becky shares about her course offerings, including LinkedIn, Money Mindset, and business coaching.


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