Making Macarons

Today’s feature is our “Recipe for the Month”, as we introduced this new element to Bridging Herstory in last weeks blog! Get ready to become a Macaron master! 🙂 Meet Chef Casey Deal, A small town girl turned big city chef in a matter of 1 year after graduating high...

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Excellence NOT Perfection

Imperfection. It’s a concept I am getting more and more comfortable with these days. The beginning of my year has been anything but smooth. With unexpected hospital visits, road trips and illness I am left to face the obvious, life isn’t perfect, I am not perfect. I...

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Monetize Your Instagram & Blog!

  Tips for Monetizing your Blog + Instagram I see you. You love the outlet of writing on your blog and posting beautiful images on Instagram, but you want to know how to take it to the next level and make some Mullah! Today's blog is how to move from hobbyist...

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Fall Fashion with Karina Styles Diaries

You have heard it said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But face it. Women constantly look at other women- specifically their wardrobe- and make judgments. While this can carry a negative connotation, why not spin it and choose to see the positive? After all, when...

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Building a Fempire

What do all of these products, barre class, and a room full of women learning together all have in common?! Tuesday’s Fempire event in Indianapolis! Let’s build a beautiful Fempire together. What is a Fempire you ask? Well, it’s not a hybrid female, vampire- that’s...

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Welcome to…

We are a movement spotlighting the power women can make on history when we come together.



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